Real people
looking their best

When shooting corporate portraits, it could be anyone from a coffee Barista worker to the Chair of an Top 100 company. Both are busy and having their photograph taken is usually the last thing they want disturbing their day. In the case of the Chair, quite often I only have fifteen minutes to photograph them during a break.

Both are real people, with a story to tell and something unique to bring to the image. That’s where I come in. In the short space of time that I get to spend with my subjects, I help to take their mind off what’s going on around them and put them at ease. Camera and lighting equipment are prepared in advance so that I can focus on the task at hand, that of capturing the subject’s finer side in as few frames as possible. I must be doing something right because some even start to enjoy it. The corporate photos that I take are always professional but I also endeavour to ensure that they show each subject as an individual and not just a job title.                                           

Shooting on location

Experienced in reading communication briefs to ensure the resulting images fulfil their purpose. Many of my shoots are on location in and around towns and cities. Others require shooting at multiple destinations across the UK and overseas. Being based in the south east close to London, I have access to a diverse selection of locations with flexibility to create commercial photographs that suit my clients’ needs.

When on location, communication, planning and well-managed logistics is fundamental to a successful outcome. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a location to find that people weren’t expecting you or the plant and equipment you’re there to shoot has been shut down for maintenance. As a professional commercial photographer, I like to commence communication with all relevant stakeholders beforehand to minimise surprises once shoot day arrives. That said, even the best plans can be turned on their head by a force of nature. In these unforeseen situations, remaining calm under pressure ensures I can still deliver a successful outcome.